Vote Phillip Davis


    Lead Responsibly

    Together we can:

    1. Provide strategic guidance to manage district growth;

    2. Encourage innovative approaches to address complex operational and policy issues;

    3. Offer sound fiscal stewardship of the district’s limited resources.


    Champion Student, Teacher, & Staff Success

    With your help we can:

    1. Focus on student academic outcomes and provide a safe environment to foster learning;

    2. Support teacher and staff passions and invest in their professional development;

    3. Emphasize the social and emotional well-being of our students, teachers, and staff.


    Provide Transparency & Accountability

    With your support we can:

    1. Engage in two-way community interactions to build trust and rapport with stakeholders;

    2. Drive data-driven decision making across the district;

    3. Establish expectations of accountability and transparency for our community.

    Why I’m Running

    I am seeking re-election to the LTISD School Board, Place 1 to continue the joyous work of supporting our students, teachers and staff while strengthening our community. My experiences as a board member, faculty member, academic administrator, and business executive provide invaluable insights into the challenges our community and district faces. Given the rise in inflation across nearly every sector that impacts our daily lives, the community and the district are in a challenging position due to state funding, which has not kept pace with inflation. It is paramount that the district engages in responsible leadership, champion student, teacher, and staff success, and provide transparency and accountability to navigate these perils.

    Meet Phil

    Phil and his wife Tracie moved to the Lake Travis area during the Summer of 2016 so that their children could receive an academically rigorous and enjoyable educational experience in the LTISD schools. Ariel (Class of 2023) graduated from Lake Travis High School and attended Hudson Bend Middle School. PJ (Class of 2028) attends Bee Cave Middle School and he also attended Lakeway Elementary. Briella (Class of 2031) attends Bee Cave Elementary School and she also attended Lakeway Elementary. Phil graduated from Clemson University with Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA with an emphasis in operations management. Phil earned his Ph.D. in Management from the University of North Texas where he focused on strategic management and entrepreneurship. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses for more than 12 years, working at the University of North Texas, East Carolina University, and Texas State University. Phil is currently the Associate Dean for Faculty Success and Research at the McCoy College of Business at Texas State University

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